NZILBB R and Open Science Workshops


Joshua Wilson Black


July 12, 2024


This online book contains material for NZILBB’s R, Stats, and Open Science workshops. The workshops began late in the first semester of 2024. As time goes on, this book will expand in both content and contributors.

In-person sessions

I am currently running in-person sessions at NZILBB. We are running two groups:

  • An ‘introductory’ session, working through the material in the Foundations section of this book.
  • An ‘advanced’ session, working through material in the Additional Topics section.

The sessions run on alternate weeks from 1-2:30pm in the Brain Box (Elsie Locke 203), with the first intro session on the 24th of July and the first advanced session the following week.

Announcements are made on the NZILBB Rocket Chat in the #r-stats-open-sci-workshops channel. If you don’t know how to access this, email me at .

One-on-one help

For UC students and staff, I am happy to talk over any issues you have with this material. Please get in touch with me at .

If you have found your way to this material by some other means, you can also email me!

Other resources

You may find the following links profitable: